Travel Must Haves: The Fashion Edit

July 12, 2015

Just so you know, I was going to title this post “One Lucky Bitch” (when you read the first two sentences you’ll see why) but I’ve promised SuthinGirl’s mama not to use swear words in my blog anymore, so…let’s go with Travel Must Haves: The Fashion Edit instead!

Piggybacking on my husband’s business travel has afforded me unbelievably privileged and luxurious adventures around the world. During the past year, we’ve enjoyed week-long stays in Paris, London, Berlin, Prague and New York. Neither one of us checks our luggage when we fly thanks to a few instances when a bag took longer to arrive than we did, and forced us to live off whatever we could forage in the hotel gift shop.

Over the years, I’ve had to become quite the savvy packer to manage fitting a week’s worth of clothes and toiletries in my suitcase, while keeping within the airline’s buzzkill size restrictions for carry-on luggage. And I’m pretty sure it’s no shocker, but I refuse to compromise my personal style and comfort whether at home or abroad. End of.

Luckily, I really enjoy the packing challenge that presents! I love the whole process of laying out complete looks on my bed, seeing how I can mix and match things to make multiple outfits, and playing with accessories to transition daytime looks into the evening.

I start getting serious about packing a couple of days out. Armed with our agenda for the trip and the most recent weather forecast for our destination, I jot down a general idea of what I’ll need each day. From there, I head into my closet to pull the key items that tend to travel with me wherever we go. They’re the pieces I build the rest of my outfits upon. (See SuthinGirl Travel Must Haves: The Fashion Edit below.)

SuthinGirl loves to shop online. Daily. So my favorite part of packing is browsing through my closet and drawers for anything new that I haven’t yet had a chance to wear, and incorporating those pieces into my looks. It’s always a treat to wear something for the first time and I love that wearing a new piece on a trip means it returns home with me, fabulous memories attached.

The entire process usually takes a few hours, but girls, in the end I have packed a week’s worth of both day and evening looks, complete with bags, shoes and accessories as well as toiletries and sleepwear, into my standard size roller bag. I ain’t saying it zips without me sitting on it, but the moment it does I’m so proud that I literally wheel it through my house until I find someone to show!

Are you bouncing in your seat with anticipation yet?? I’ll keep you in suspense no longer! Here are SuthinGirl’s seven essential items guaranteed to streamline packing and make you look and feel chic wherever you may be!

SuthinGirl Travel Must Haves: The Fashion Edit

shoes for blog

Sam Edelman Felicia Flats $99.95

These are the BEST walking shoes you will EVER find! They look like they cost a fortune and come from a luxury brand, but they don’t! They do, however, come in a bunch of chic and classic colors and textures, feel like you’re walking on pillows, and won’t pinch or rub a blister. The leather is baby soft and molds to your foot just as well as the Ferragamo My Joy Flats I also own and love which cost three times as much!! I can’t say enough happy things about these shoes! I buy them over and over (and over) again. I’ll usually go through a pair each trip we take due to the wear and tear of walking for miles on cobbled roads and city streets, but the ones I own for my regular day-to-day last forever. The less than $100 price tag makes them a HUGE value!

ag jeans

AG Skinny Jeans $150

These give a great butt and make you look like you have legs for miles. They have the perfect amount of stretch and hold their shape really well. A classic silhouette that transitions beautifully from daytime sight-seeing to evening chic when you trade out your flats for some killer heels. I always take this darker denim color with me and get a couple of wears out of each pair during a trip. I’ve got them in a lighter denim and white as well, and love those just as much.

regent blazer

FullSizeRender (70)
Making the transition into spring with my white linen J. Crew jacket and AG skinny jeans for a GNO!

J. Crew Regent Blazer $198

Feminine and fitted is the way J. Crew describes this jacket and that’s exactly why I love it! It nips the waist (a real win for short-waisted girls like me!) and is the perfect length. I love the notched collar, too. I’ve got this in navy and charcoal wool and white linen. The wool version packs really well and won’t wrinkle easily. Great to wear on the airplane and will keep you cozy but not hot during a long flight.

hermes scarf

Hermès Scarf $395

The heavy silk, vibrant colors, and gorgeous designs make each one of Hermès’s scarves a work of art! Drape one around your neck for style or warmth (or both), and instantly elevate even the most basic outfit into a super chic stratosphere. I pack simple, inexpensive v-neck t-shirts and scoop neck tanks to wear (often purchased at J. Crew and Target) with my skinny jeans because they lay well underneath my favorite fitted jackets. The addition of a scarf really makes the outfit and gives it style. Scarves fold flat and take up practically no room in your suitcase so you get a lot of fashion punch for very little of the precious space in your bag.


Longchamp Roseau Tote (UPDATE: SOLD OUT – SIMILAR MODEL $450)

No better handbag for travel! Fits all the usual suspects plus an iPad, a couple of magazines, a bottle of water, snacks and more. The leather doesn’t scratch easily but develops a nice patina across time. It has an interior pocket that keeps your passport and boarding pass handy. Of course you know SuthinGirl loves the leopard print lining!

gucci clutch

Gucci Soho Leather Clutch $850

tory burch clutch 2

Tory Burch Kira Colorblock Clutch $395

dvf clutch evening

DVF Textured Leather Evening Clutch $248

Clutches are my preference for life in general and when you’re sightseeing and toodling around museums (and don’t want to look like the tourist you are!) I find that tucking a chic clutch under your arm looks a lot better than lugging a giant bag full of things you don’t really need around with you all day. Clutches pack small and can be rotated for day and evening to change the tone of an outfit.

louboutin heels

Christian Louboutin Pumps $825

What can I say, ladies? You either get this one or you don’t. I know, $825 for a pair of shoes is CRAZY…but my God, look at these! They are leopard (which SuthinGirl love loves!), have that iconic signature red sole, and are the perrrrfect 4″ heel for the I-look-sexy-but-can-still-walk-a-few-blocks experience.


Now you’re all set to pack up for your next adventure! Happy Travels! Send me a postcard, you gorgeous thing! xx
FullSizeRender (62)
A fun little howdy-do from the airport bathroom in Phoenix! Haha! Skinny jeans, check! Longchamp tote, check! My Joy flats, check! Hartmann roller bag (best evah), check! Rockin’ the savvy traveler look head to toe!


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