Skincare and the Silver Tea Service

January 11, 2017



Skincare secrets are passed down between the generations of women in my family right alongside the antique silver tea service and my great-grandmother’s wedding rings. Does that show you how highly we prize gorgeous skin? I feel particularly qualified to help a sister out on the subject, having tried eveerrrrrryyything from Pond’s Cold Cream to Crème de la Mer.

Last spring, a friend introduced me to the founders of Sapelo Skin Care, Cindy Edwards and Stephanie Duttenhaver. A big time girl crush ensued. Cindy, Stephanie and I share passion for estate jewelry, the lowcountry and – of course – healthy and beautiful skin.

Sapelo Skin Care

Inspired by life in coastal Savannah, Sapelo Skin Care products mimic the twice-daily high tides, which bring life-sustaining nutrients and water to the environment.

Sapelo’s system relies on the 28-day cycle of skin cell renewal, so once a week for the next four weeks, I’ll post updates in my Diary. Today, my first impressions of the products I’m using and a little about the science behind the line.

Chasing the Tide: My Skincare Diary, Week 1

You betta believe I’m using this diary to kick my fanny into gear to make a very positive change in my skincare routine. My hope is that along the way, you’ll discover a new product or tip, too.

Q&A with SuthinGirl

SKIN TYPE: Dry with premature wrinkles. Fair skin, freckles and burns.

WORST HABIT: Not washing my face and moisturizing at night. (I know, I know.)

BEST ADVICE: This one came from my grandmother, Honey: treat your neck and décolletage with the same care you do your face. Don’t scrimp! Nothing gives away a woman’s age faster than a rough neck and wrinkly chest.

GOAL: Getting into the habit of washing and moisturizing my face before bedtime.

HOPES + DREAMS: Reduce and plump out surface lines around my eyes and mouth, add moisture and radiance to skin.

Morning Routine

Rosemary Face Wash

Smells exactly like you’ve rubbed fresh rosemary sprigs between your fingertips (which I love!) and left my face feeling clean but not dried out.

[Before washing with the Rosemary Face Wash, I relied on my tried-and-true Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Oil to remove my eye makeup since that’s a sensitive area and I was nervous about using something with so much fragrance around my eyes.]

Renewing Serum

Pat, pat, pat. Started on my forehead and moved down to my chin. Very fluid and went on watery. Dried in about 15 seconds and didn’t feel tacky.

Rejuvenating Cream

Lightweight cream that absorbed quickly. I applied to my face, neck and décolletage.


Softening Emollient

The best ever. With very dry skin and this was essential for me to feel fully moisturized. I love a dewey look, which this delivered without looking or feeling greasy. My makeup went on well on top and stayed on.

Sapelo Skin Care: The Science

Understanding the biological mechanisms of healthy skin rejuvenation, we developed a 3-Step, 28-day recovery system that gently hydrates, nourishes and improves skin quality on a cellular level to prevent premature aging and reduce signs of early aging.

Collaborating with a team of veteran cosmetic scientists and board-certified physicians, Sapelo Skin Care works by mimicking the skin’s immune system response to injury without actually creating an injury.

Our regimen includes five bioactive peptides that increase the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid by binding to and stimulating the transforming growth factor beta pathway (TGF-beta) at the basal cell layer. In addition, gardenia stem cells and plantago lanceolata leaf extract (derived from the plant stem cell culture) work together to increase skin cell density. The unique synergy of our exclusive blends speeds up skin cells’ metabolism and triggers new cell production.

Peek Ahead to Next Week: My Evening Routine

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