Buy the Best and You Only Cry Once

February 06, 2017


Buy the Best and You Only Cry Once


“Growing up in the rural deep South, everyone sewed, for the same reason everyone had a vegetable garden—out of necessity.”

Becky Vizard’s fascination with textiles started in childhood. Today, she is the owner of B. Viz Design, a luxury pillow company; she is considered a visionary for her innovative use of rare and beautiful antique textiles in her company’s products.

once-upon-a-pillowBecky began to create pillows from her growing personal collection of rare textiles collected during college. B. Viz Design was launched when Neiman Marcus placed its first order in 1999. She is the author of Once Upon a Pillow.

Becky will be appear at the upcoming Cathedral Antiques Show in Atlanta which runs from February 5 – 12.

Seven Questions with SuthinGirl

img_8420-1Mistake people commonly make in your area of design? Ignoring the negative space and ruining the composition. And I abhor poor craftsmanship.

Favorite colors at the moment? I just found a fantastic antique Ikat in reds and purples. It made me realize how much I love those colors together… when the red poppies and purple irises bloom together in the spring.

Favorite room in a house? Bathroom….I can spend hours reading in the tub.

Least favorite current design trend? I would have to say too much pattern on pattern.  It takes a really brilliant designer to be able to pull it off, and if it is wrong, it is just nerve wracking.

Best piece of advice I can give based upon my area of expertise…Take your time collecting. Quality over Quantity!!! I love Miles Redd’s quote,

“Buy the best and you only cry once.”

Best place to shop on a budget? Muji (or Ikea if I need the exercise).

Favorite place to shop if money were no limit? I would buy art from galleries or the auction houses. Egon Scheile, Gustav Klimt, El Anatsui and Isabelle de Borchgrave’s paper costumes would be in my collection….then I would feel compelled to build a museum so I could share my finds.

And now for the BONUS ROUND…

e_010617_3-7-1Favorite cocktail? On the lake in the summer it would be a Hooty Hoo (rum, Coconut LaCroix, a splash of lemonade and lots of lime.) All other times it would be Pinot Noir.

Most sentimental treasure you’ve collected across the years? The earrings that my son made for me when he was 7. They are priceless!

Go-to hostess gift? I really don’t have a go-to hostess gift. I always try to select something my host or hostess would like. But if they have a dog, I love to bring them one of my dog collars created from Fortuny fabric. Man’s best friend can never have too many. Fortuny has so many wonderful patterns Fido could wear a different one each day.

If had to reinvent myself, I’d be a…Really Wonderful Painter….If I had been a better painter in art school, I would not be making pillows. Though I do love making really wonderful pillows.

BVizBlurbBook 069.jpeg

Rebecca Vizard will be making an appearance in Atlanta at the Cathedral Antiques Show on Thursday, February 9, 2017 at the Breakfast which is exclusively open to the Trade.


The Cathedral Antiques Show is a festival of art, antiques and floral and interior design held annually in Atlanta to benefit a designated charity.  The Show is a major outreach project sponsored by the Episcopal Church Women of the Cathedral of St. Philip.

The Antiques Show has raised more than $5 million for Atlanta-area nonprofits since its inception in 1969.


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