SuthinGirl Makes the Great Es-Cape!

September 17, 2015

I woke up to 49°F temperatures this week and justlikethat SuthinGirl is in Full Fall Mode! Cue the autumn leaves and pumpkin spice lattes, ladies, ’cause I went and painted my nails a gorgeous deep shade of mauve (new Dior ‘Vernis’ Gel Shine & Long Wear Nail Lacquer in Cosmopolite topped with Essie ‘Good To Go!’ Top Coat OMG fab fab!) and started changing over my closet from late summer to early fall.


Yes, girls, I’ve well and truly lost my mind! But don’t you worry. I do this every year. The first brisk morning and I’m ALL IN. Chalk it up to my red hair and overall coloring, I guess. I love the clothes, I love the textures and I love the layers…I love a fresh start.

Taking stock as I flitted back and forth between my closets, I felt pretty good about where I’m starting out this year. I bought a few bow blouses last winter that are really big right now as well as some different pieces in that burgundy red that’s everywhere. Special shout out to my YSL shoulder bag and Brian Atwood heels! However, there are a couple of key items I can’t wait to add…

At the top of my fall shopping list

are flared jeans and capes!

No, you didn’t blink and wake up in 1977…flared jeans and capes are back and they are modern and fabulous! Over the years, Elizabeth Taylor and other gorgeous Hollywood icons have shown us that capes are elegant and sexy. Wonder Woman made it irrefutable that capes are completely badass. I say that capes show a real sense of STYLE! Sure you can wear a peacoat (but please don’t) or a fitted quilted jacket (those can be cute) but if you want to let the world know that you have confidence and panache, wrap yourself inside a chic cape!


Below is a picture of my grandparents taken in the 1970s. They were consistently stylish and chic, even during those trying fashion times. My grandmother Helen (we called her Honey) had an incredibly timeless style. Her scarves, capes, brooches, Italian shoes and vintage gold jewelry gave her both a classic and current look that everyone admired and I find myself emulating today. Seriously, the flared trousers, the cape, the Hermès scarf…she could step effortlessly into 2015!

IMG_4640 (1)

When I was pregnant with my first child, Caroline, Honey wanted to give me this camel colored cashmere and wool cape she had custom made in Switzerland. It was so warm and soft, and like her it was both chic and practical. She wanted me to wear it up to New England where I was to spend Christmas with my in-laws because my pre-pregnancy coat didn’t fit anymore. Before she could give it to me, my daughter made a surprise appearance into the world and we never made the trip. I don’t know what happened to that cape after she passed, but I have often thought about it and what a loving and thoughtful person she was.


J. Crew Cape Jacket in Wool Melton $250 (also in black)

07P04ICAM_3_large 7522242720_2_1_17418240705_2_1_1

Top Shop Neat Wool Cape $160

Zara Handmade Cape Sleeve Coat $189

Zara Studio Cape with Fringe $149

“There is a superhero inside all of us,

we just need the courage to put on the cape.”

Faux Fur

Dressed up or down, super sexy! Definitely not your mother’s faux fur…realistic, soft and gorgeous!

_11106900_10836787download (19)

Trina Turk ‘Fairfax’ Faux Fur Cape $598

MICHAEL Michael Kors Faux Fur Cape $350

($225 LESS than the one next to it AND I like the fur going vertical instead of horizontal. It’s more flattering!)

Harvey Faircloth Faux Fur Chore Cape $575

SuthinStyle Tip: It’s easier to carry a clutch (or a top-handle bag) than to wear a shoulder bag when wearing a cape! See First World Problems for a few of my fave clutches.

You can’t talk about capes without giving props to Burberry!


Burberry Colorblock Mega Check Blanket Cape $1,495 (three colors)

Burberry Check-Lined Wool Wrap $895 (ten colors)

Burberry Fringed Merino Wool Cape $1,095 (three colors)

Getcha that Burberry-look for a lot, lot less…

_10566024_10748301imageService (2)

T Tahari Patchwork Print Wool Blend Bell Sleeve Cape $210 LOVE!

Via Spiga Zip Front Plaid Cape $158

Ann Taylor Refined Cape $179

Hi-Lo Style


Milly Sculptural Hi-Low Cape $595

BCBG Max $368

SuthinStyle Tip: Capes can be big, so keep in mind that it’s all about proportion. You don’t want to look like you’re being swallowed up by a blanket! Try pairing your cape with skinny jeans or the new flared jeans (be sure to choose ones that are cut slim through the knee), pencil skirts or a cigarette pant. Turtlenecks and bow-front blouses work beautifully underneath.

 Vince Camuto


Vince Camuto Animal Print Bow Neck Blouse $99

Vince Camuto Bow Neck Blouse $99 (also in rust)

Vince Camuto Tie Neck Print Blouse $99


Care to do a little wishful dreaming with me? Here are the capes that I love, covet and adore…alas, from afar. Each costs at least a couple of thousand but should you fall in love and have the means to seal the deal, you can easily find them online. And oh, if you do…please please send SuthinGirl some pics! I promise not to be toooo green with envy. xx


Missoni Wool Zigzag Pattern Cape – Gimme gimme gimme!

Loro Piana Onslow Fox Fur-Trimmed Cashmere Cape – Love the belted waist!! And the dove gray! Oooh and the fur!

Missoni Boiled Wool Jacquard Cape

These are quite simply exquisite works of ART!

Just look at them!


Saint Laurent Velvet Cape with Allover Embroidery – Don’t you love the fireworks-inspired motif?!

Valentino Camu Butterfly-Print Brocade Cape – I’m a huge fan of that deep royal blue and black combination.

Valentino Camu Garden-Print Brocade Cape – I would love to upholster something in this fabric! It’s dreamy!

SuthinStyle Tip: Long gloves are the perfect complement to capes! If your cape is a solid color, try a pair of vibrantly colored gloves.

 This tip was inspired by the inimitable Diana Vreeland, subject of SuthinGirl’s September Trust Me, You’ll Love It pick, a book entitled Why Don’t You? Vreeland was editor-in-chief at Vogue from 1963-1971 but for many years before that she was a columnist at Harper’s Bazaar. Her column Why Don’t You? ran 1937-1963 and offered gems such as:

“Why Don’t You…wear loose velvet gloves in wonderful colors–the right hand in violet velvet, the left in burgundy? These gloves at the theater emerging from a beautiful fur cape would be very effective.”

NMD0Z19_mkimg-thing (16)

Valentino Napa Leather Butterfly Embroidered Gloves $795 (also in blue)

Saks Fifth Avenue Collection Silk-Lined Leather Opera Gloves (navy blue) $165


Diane Von Furstenburg Leather Zip Gloves $248 (cashmere lined)

Portolano Napa Leather Gloves $140 (eleven colors; cashmere lined)

SuthinStyle Tip: To calculate glove size, measure your dominant hand with a tape measure around the knuckles in inches (excluding thumb). If gloves are too tight they may make your hands feel cold, so if in doubt size up!


Echo Tech Scrunchie Gloves $58 (three colors)

Bloomingdale’s Cashmere Lined Long Leather Gloves $98 (four colors)


Sofia Cashmere Cashmere Tech Gloves with Fox Fur Cuff $95 (two colors)

Gala Gloves Rabbit Fur-Trimmed Leather Gloves $225

Very Polished


Alice + Olivia Cape Coat – Trisha Leather Trim $484

Alrighty, back to reality. I just bought this cape and you want to know why? I love wearing the color ivory in contrast with everyone else’s darker outerwear. I have a collection of beautiful silk scarves and this cape will provide the perfect palette for showing off their vibrant colors.

Alice + Olivia Kingsley Cape Coat $495

I kinda see this one as the ideal for pinning brooches onto. The dark color would enable gold and silver to really sparkle. Brooches are huge right now (the trend is to wear multiple brooches pinned in a cluster to one side) but in my opinion a single brooch is a total classic look. I’ve been collecting vintage brooches (most with whimsy and character) for years. The heavier fabric of this cape makes me feel it would be a safe place for a pin. See My Jewels Aren’t Fake, They’re Faux for pics of my fave brooches.

eBay Is a Treasure Trove of Vintage Brooches…from 99¢

$_57 (9)$_57 (13) $T2eC16hHJF0E9nmFTMMiBQ8IRec-yQ--60_57  $_57 (12) $_57 (11) $_57 (10) $_57 (7) $T2eC16FHJF8E9nnC6LF+BRN7tUDhD!--60_57

Super Soft


Lauren Ralph Lauren Waffle Capelet (four colors) $98

Sweater capes are fun if you live someplace where you could wear one indoors and out. Down in the south, I feel like I’d be taking this off over my hair over and over again every time I went inside and my hair would have enough static energy to power a smart car! It would work well at a daytime soccer game for the kids or something outdoors on a relatively cool evening.

Corti Fur Collar Reversible Cape $295 (two colors)

Joseph Cashmere-Blend Double Face Cape $1,025

So polished and classic. I always prefer gray to black because to me grey expresses more personality. Black is chic, of course. Just a little safe for me.

Elizabeth Taylor in her Tiziani ‘Scorpio’ cape at Princess Grace’s 40th birthday party in Monaco on November 15, 1969. Wouldn’t you have loved to have been on that guest list?!


Beyond Outerwear


Tibi White Savanna Crepe Front Cape Top $375

Nanette Lepore Long-Sleeve Cape Dress $398

For a cheeky alternative, how about wearing your cape…as a dress!

Alexis Amadeo Jumpsuit with Cape $550 (also in black)


Take your look from daytime to date night with a few simple accessories and beauty tips!

Can’t wait can’t wait! See you next time!


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