Make the Top of the Best Guest List with a Hot Hostess Gift!

August 27, 2015

I love love to host parties! Getting people together to mix it up over cocktails and dinner is my idea of the perfect way to spend an evening. And I’m not gonna lie, I love receiving hostess gifts! Mostly because my friends are both stylish and nuts, so I never know what I’m gonna get! Case in point: I’ve been given everything from a bright green ceramic squirrel to an antique silver picture frame to a great pair of chandelier earrings…and all suit me to a T!

 One of my most fave hostess gifts I’ve received!


Whether we’re invited to a cocktail party in someone’s home or staying a week at a friend’s beach house, we all know we should embrace our host upon arrival with a fabulous gift in hand to say thank you. What we don’t always know is what that gift should be! It can be downright stressful trying to come up with something clever or thoughtful!

If you’ve grown tired of the whole bottles of wine and re-gifting closet routine (it’s okay, we all have one), have I got a list for you! Fresh ideas including plenty of items you can buy ahead and keep on hand as well as personalized gifts for occasions when you have the time. This was SUCH a fun post for me to create because I get crazy kicks out of searching for special gifts that are perfect for the person to whom they are being given!!


Be pretty if you can. Be witty if you must. But be gracious if it kills you. Elsie de Wolfe


My fave hostess gifts sure to delight and set you apart from the rest.

You want your hostess gift to incorporate your personal style into something your host will enjoy. Be creative! If you’re giving to someone out of town, select something local to where you live to add a little flavor and remind the host of you. I’m from Savannah and often give hostess gifts that reflect my Lowcountry roots. Oyster shell ornaments, Byrd Cookie Company cookie tins and Savannah Bee Company products are always well received!

We all know men can be elusive and hard to shop for even when we know them well, so choosing host gifts can be extra tricky. Never fear! I gotcha covered! Just look at all the cool SUTHINGUY PICKS below!


SuthinGirl Shops: Host & Hostess Gifts Under $25

Sure, you can bring a bottle of wine.

Just place it next to the six other bottles that arrived before yours.  Or…


Copper Pot and Wooden Spoon Red Pepper and Peach Jam $9.25 SUTHINGUY PICK

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, their Red Pepper and Peach Jam was the winner of Food & Wine Magazine Editor’s Pick! Amazing paired with goat cheese. In fact, you should definitely pick some up and gift alongside this jam!

Savannah Bee Company Savannah Honey $12 to $20

Another delish southern product made from honey harvested from hives around the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia. There are many other honey-based products from which to choose…have fun buzzing about their website! Like the Red Pepper and Peach Jam above, it’s almost criminal to give this without including some cheese along with it. I recommend cheddar. Mmmmm! Enjoy!

Byrd Cookie Company Taste of the Lowcountry $19.95

Classic Savannah bakery started in 1924. Filled with 2 ounces each of Key Lime Coolers, Triple Chocolate, Georgia Peach, Red Velvet, Benne Wafers and Scotch Oatmeal. (Side note: SuthinGirl grew up on those Scotch Oatmeal cookies. They are so incredible that I can’t keep them in the house. Dangerous!)

Pair a food item with a tea towel or a tea towel with the counter spray for a super thoughtful gift!


Le Jacquard Kitchen Towel $24 each

500500 (1)

Caldrea Countertop Spray $7.19 each

I love Caldrea counter sprays! I rotate scents in my own kitchen and everyone enjoys the way they fragrance the room.

Something old? Something new? Shop eBay!

From quirky finds to vintage sterling silver to antique linens, it’s all there and at every price point.

♥ My eBay Hostess Gift Faves 

Silver frames, toothpick holders (can be used for small posies of flowers), salt & pepper shakers and coasters

Linen handkerchiefs, cocktail napkins and hand towels

mrjm3mVxzeGeS_Inmr567oA mwaS0CPIEpSzYurQ8dgoF3g mpt5W7Na9Nvd0JZMN2qh16w $_12

eBay Monogrammed Vintage Handkerchief from $5

SuthinGirl’s mama taught her that a lady should always carry a beautiful handkerchief in her handbag to weddings and funerals. eBay features a wide assortment monograms so you’re sure to find at least one of your hostess’s initials!

 mA5QuUDECtTvsR1wkUodOug mEhgDd2mL9xFZaPEMtb2GsA mtgHyuMSg61s0yKEZEgf6OQmPROk9DZ1z2sHQYOVN2a5vw

m5n6gvZOaJRJ_xoF64GVEzQmTXcqBPe0RPVzTp9Ge2dHCQ (1)miuCpo_Gd-44qy_RBnR5hoA

eBay Sterling Silver Engraved Antique Napkin Rings from $10

These are such fun dinner party hostess gifts to give! They always steal the show! If you hunt a little on eBay you’re sure to find at least one of her initials. But if not, I think it’s fun to give a napkin ring that has an old-fashioned name engraved on it like “Prim” or “Dorothea.” It makes for a special memento of your friendship and reminder of the evening shared together.

You Know the Old Saying:

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Gift Bag

So much of the fun in receiving a gift is the presentation! Even the most amazing gift can feel like an afterthought if it’s given in a well-worn gift bag. Please, don’t do it! Go right now and buy several different sized packages of clear cellophane gift bags and some gorgeous ribbon (Michael’s, Target, Party City), and order personalized gift tags (See SuthinGirl’s post Love Letters for ideas). Keep it all handy so you can wrap your gifts in a pinch. I never use tissue paper because I think it’s pretty to see the gift through the bag.

SuthinGirl Gift Tip: Group a Few Smaller Items that Share the Same Theme


Pair the polish and remover pads for an extra special gift!

Essie Fall 2015 Mini Four-Pack $17

Deborah Lippmann The Stripper To Go Nail Lacquer Remover Finger Mitts $12 for 6 mitts FAVE!

Lavender scented nail polish remover pads that really do the job. Great for travel but I also use them at home because it feels like a treat!

download (1)_10919101

Kate Spade Perfect Pair Shoe Bag for Travel $18

Kai Body Glow $24

A hydrating dry oil spray that leaves a touch of sparkle on the skin…you know I love it!


Pressed Flower Sachets Lavender Tangerine $20 for a set of two

Cotton Stem $12 each

Personalized gifts show incredible thoughtfulness. If you’re able to get ahead of the occasion with enough time to order they are always exciting gifts to receive.


Personalized Notepads $13.95 for a set of 2 pads SUTHINGUY PICK ♥ Add Colored Pens!

Pads are 4.24 inches x 5.5 inches and 8.5 inches x 5.5 inches. Each pad has 50 sheets. Select white paper or a heavier kraft paper from the drop down menu as you check out. (NOTE: Shop owner is on vacay until 8/30)


LePen 4-Piece Set $6.99

SuthinGirl Shops: Host & Hostess Gifts $25 – $50


Kai Body Buffer $40 for a set of 2 sponges

I think I’m kind of obsessed with exfoliation! These are heavenly.

Chanel N°5 The Bath Soap $26

What woman wouldn’t love this? Makes the bathroom smell divine and a luxury she probably wouldn’t buy herself.

Provence Lavandes Pistacio Lavender Wand $32 each

Stems of fresh lavender woven with ribbon will scent the linen closet or a guest room beautifully. Made in France.


Shiitake Mushroom Log $34

I’m pretty sure you’re gonna be the only guest bringing THIS baby to the party.

Zoku Triple Quick Pop® Maker $49.99

Great idea for a family with kids!


Salisbury 50-Cent Jigger $30 SUTHINGUY PICK ♥ Add a Bottle of the Host’s Favorite Spirits!

Leather Valet Tray with Monogram $39.95 SUTHINGUY PICK (many monogram styles & colors to choose from)

Laguiole Cheese Set $48 ♥ Add a Block of Local Artisan Cheese!


Gianna Rose Treasures of the Sea Soaps in Shell $36 Perfect at the Beach! ♥ Add a Hand Towel!


Geo Hammam Hand Towel $10 ON SALE $8 each

SuthinGirl Tips for Being a Great Guest

RSVP as soon as possible.

Arrive on time or no more than 15 minutes late.

Bring a fab hostess gift!

Send a thank you note the next day.

SuthinGirl Shops: Host & Hostess Gifts $50 – $100

133694SET_is (1)

Leather Wine Bottle Carriers From $58 SUTHINGUY PICK ♥ Add a Personalized Wine Tag & Bottle of Wine!


Monogrammed Wine Tag $10


Tiffany & Co. 5×7 Pewter Frame $75 SUTHINGUY PICK

Gump’s Chinoiserie Tray $75

Tiffany & Co. Chrome Ballpoint Pen $75 SUTHINGUY PICK


Sferra Brushed Cotton Herringbone-Weave Throw $79 SUTHINGUY PICK

Anupam Poddar Date Palm Leaf Bowl $155 ON SALE $99

Williams-Sonoma Sunflower Patch Wreath $89.95

SuthinGirl Shops: Host & Hostess Gifts $100 – $150


Tiffany & Co. Magnolia Vase $140

For reals, who doesn’t get a thrill from receiving THE blue box?!

Herend Limoges Handpainted 24k Chinese Bouquet Blue Fish Box $120

There are so many beautiful styles and colors from which to choose. You’re sure to find one that suits your hostess or the occasion!

NMH7YUG_mk159749_is (1)

Tumi Mobile Power Pack $145 SUTHINGUY PICK

Woodcut World Traveler Puzzle $148 SUTHINGUY PICK

A 502-piece maple-veneered plywood puzzle which includes dozens of fun “whimsy” shaped pieces. This would make a great family gift, too!

SuthinGirl Shops: Host & Hostess Gifts that Keep on Giving…

Nothing better than your host receiving a surprise gift from you every month for a few months after the occasion! The goodies will remind them of all the fun you had together and what a fab friend you are! Here are a couple of SuthinGirl’s fave go-to’s for gift subscriptions. If you choose one of these for your host you may want to wrap up a token item that represents the subscription and include a note letting them know their gift is on the way.


Mouth: Indie Food • Tasty Gifts Gifts from $36; 3, 6 &12 Month Subcriptions from $45 SUTHINGUY PICK

Love all the delish indie products! Love the six word reviews! Love the names like Picnic with Kanye, Going Up on a Tuesday, Bacon Me Crazy. Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Kosher options. Yum!


Birchbox 3, 6 & 12 Month Subscriptions: $30, $60, $110

The addiction is real. Luxe products arrive like a goodie bag from beauty heaven right on their doorstep every month!


Can’t wait, can’t wait! See you next time!


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