Looking Back and Moving Forward 

January 07, 2016


What’s up buttercup? How’s 2016 treating you? Are you the kind of person that tucks in after the first of the year and enjoys some peace and quiet? Or do you fly out of the gate and throw yourself into work and the social scene with renewed vigor?

I think I’m more likely the latter with aspirations to be the former. I’ve started a new book and cleaned out my makeup drawer and a closet or two, but I’ve also scheduled lunches and date nights well into February. Girl, it’s just who I am. *wink

Regardless of how you get into the groove of a new year, it’s the perfect time to reflect upon last year’s successes and lessons, and to set priorities for the year ahead. You know me, I’m not gonna ask you to do it if I’m not willing to do the same, so here goes:

From the Desk of SuthinGirl

Successes: Giving my best to being a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend; Enjoying moments with family & friends; Launching SuthinGirl.

Lessons: Working from home means you have to set boundaries on your time. Too easily special time with family and friends can be impacted by the siren song of a laptop, to-do list and social media.

Priorities: Nurturing family and friendships; The Grand Refresh Project; Growing SuthinGirl.


Embarking upon SuthinGirl has been the second most glorious adventure of my lifetime, after motherhood. I delight in pouring my heart into every post, every creative nuance and every opportunity for learning. I feel humbled and thrilled to connect with so many SuthinGirl readers far and wide! I’m having a ball!

Talk about inspiration! The dynamic, fascinating people I meet through SuthinGirl keep me dreaming and growing every single day!

But, of course, I sometimes worry. Where are the boundaries between my priorities: work and family and self? In this age of connectivity, aren’t those lines forever shifting?


My goal in 2016 is to work smarter and design my ideal personal mix of priorities: family, work and self. Ivanka Trump, mother, wife, businessperson, entrepreneur AND my business girl crush, says it beautifully:

Women should be architecting the lives they want to live.



Instead of worrying about balance, Ivanka says she looks through the filter of “Is the life I’m leading consistent with my priorities?” Yes! Priorities, NOT balance! Gahhh! Total eureka moment! Let’s pinky promise each other that we will ask ourselves that question every day.


Like a lot of us, last week I finally eased back into my usual routine. I’m slowly catching up on sleep, reading a book I’ve had on my nightstand for at least two months and attending to the little beauty tasks like tweezing and face masks that slipped through the cracks as I got swept up in the magic of December. I thought you’d like a peek:

crazy rich 2

Crazy Rich Asians


Bobbi Brown Mini Mask Trio $20

On those nights you choose to stay in to recharge, I recommend slathering on a mask, cracking a juicy book and serving yourself an indulgent (and healthy) little treat like Savannah Bee Company Whipped Honey on top of a Triscuit or sliced apple. There are four flavors from which to choose: Original, Lemon, Cinnamon and Passion Fruit. I love the combo of the tart Lemon flavor with the sweetness of an apple. Oh my yum yum.

sbc_whipped_honey_family_lemon (2)

Savannah Bee Whipped Honey From $12

What’s new for SuthinGirl in 2016?

How about even MORE Fashion, Food and Finer Things from the South and beyond?!

COMING SOON: SuthinShop!

I’m sooooooo excited about this!!!!! It’s going to be amazing…all my favorite discoveries available in one place! You’ll be able to browse and buy fabulous items curated by SuthinGirl from talented people and incredible companies throughout the South and beyond.

Want a daily fix of SuthinGirl? Aww, you’re so sweet! Girl, you got it! Every day I post new photos and video peeks into my adventures on Instagram at @SuthinGirl, @SuthinFood and @SuthinHome, and on Facebook at SuthinGirl! Alrighty everybody, have a great rest of the week! See you soon! xx SuthinGirl

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