First World Problems – Updated!

July 11, 2015

You know you have a bad case of the FWP (first world problems) when your Chanel handbag lands you in a day spa under the care of a massage therapist.

Last spring while SuthinGirl was blissfully rockin’ her 40th birthday gift all around town, she was struck by a bolt of pain that radiated down her neck and right shoulder. It was the stop-what-you’re-doing-right-now, drink-a-half-a-bottle-of-wine-to-dull-the-ache, no jokey kind. After a couple of weeks spent suffering (I know what you’re thinking…she’s so brave), I found myself on the massage table desperate for relief.

The therapist and I were making small talk about this and that (as you do) when the conversation turned to my gorgeous bisque colored quilted Chanel shoulder bag perched on a chair in the corner of the room. (Did you really think I’d leave her shut up inside some smelly locker? No way!)

She took one look at the bag, its gorgeous gold chain shoulder straps winking at us across the dimly lit room, and delivered the hard truth: “Girl, you need to stop carrying such a heavy bag!!”

I passed through all the phases of grief during that 50 minute massage. Shock! Denial! Acceptance! By the time I reached my car, iPhone in hand, I was well into the final phase…Shopping! I decided to embark upon a wild experiment and start carrying a clutch…during the day! Gasp! Sure you see this trend all over the place now, but back then…well, I felt like a total pioneer. The Marie Curie of the fashion world.

I’ve been carrying clutches exclusively ever since. It’s become my thing. After a decade plus spent lugging around everything imaginable in great, big (albeit luxury) bags for a family of five, I gotta tell ya…a clutch feels muuuuuch more sexy. Much more me. (wink)

FullSizeRender (71)
See how easy it is to carry your groceries and your clutch…and take a selfie?! You won’t miss the shoulder straps of a big ol’ bag at all, I promise!


As we all know, clutches are smaller and hold less, so if you’re willing to cut the cord to your big ol’ bag, you’ll likely have to do some editing. Lucky you, I’ve cracked the code for all you really need to carry on your person and I’m going to share!

lv card case

Louis Vuitton Epi Card Case $245

Driver’s license, debit card, credit card, health insurance card, $20 bill, and a blank check.

guerlain powder compact

Guerlain Pressed Powder Compact $57

Made from lightweight plastic so it’s not heavy at all but still luxe in design.

bobbi brown hand cream

Bobbi Brown Extra Hand Cream $32

My favorite, but any smaller tube will do!

mason pearson comb

Mason Pearson Pocket Comb $21

Luxe luxe luxe

tiffany pen

Tiffany Purse Pen $120

A signature item for, well, your signature.


BreathSaver Mints

House Key and Car Key


UPDATE: SuthinGirl got purse checked by a girlfriend…

and passed!IMG_3875 (1)

Ivanka, you vixen! Imitation truly is the highest form of flattery! SuthinGirl is touched. xx

Examine the goodies in Ivanka’s clutch…

Inside Ivanka Trump’s Clutch



I still have nothing but the love for my beautiful Chanel bag and carry her whenever I know she won’t be on my shoulder for long periods of time. As anyone fond of wearing 4″ heels can attest, a girl has to suffer a little if she wants to look fabulous!


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