A Case of the Pretties – With Playlist!

July 16, 2015

Are you reading this on your iPhone? If not, is it right there next to you? Chances are you answered yes to one of those questions! Mobile phones are our total besties (who sometimes behave like frenemies). We reach for our phones in the morning even before our beloved coffee to check the weather (hmm…what am I going to wear today?), the news (love love theSkimm), and! *wink.* Our phones join us at lunch with friends, business meetings, dinner dates, the list is endless. We even sleep with them next to our pillow. (Does anyone own an actual alarm clock anymore?)

My question for you is this: when you’ve taken so much care to look as beautiful as I know you do, why are you walking around with a blah and boring phone that doesn’t reflect your style and personality pressed against your pretty earring or held in your manicured little hands?

Your iPhone is an overlooked fashion opportunity! Ringtones aren’t the only way to personalize your iPhone! Forget boring black. Look past the dozen cases (the same dozen cases everyone else in the world is also choosing from) hanging on the wall at the phone store. I’ve curated a collection of covetable iPhone covers that will set you apart from everyone else and show off your sensational style.


I don’t really see many of you sassy android phone users around town but I’m sure you’re out there. I think you should read on anyways. Who knows? When you see all these bijoux iPhone cases you’re missing out on maybe you’ll run right over to your nearest Apple store and make the switch!


We’re on our phones in public all the time these days, whether that’s a good thing or not is certainly up for debate. It’s definitely an opportunity to add a touch of personal expression and style to your look. In my opinion, Case Mate owns the luxe iPhone case category, hands down. Any of the beauties pictured below will elevate your sensibilities and make your iPhone an (almost) welcome addition to any bar top, restaurant table, or office desk.

Snap your phone into one of these and you’ll look darling checking in on while you’re out and about!

casemate gold

24-KT Gold iPhone 6 Case $50 (also comes in iPhone 6 Plus size) This is the case SuthinGirl is currently sporting on her iPhone and can I please tell you how MANY double takes and compliments I get?! A TON! After all, there is 24 karat gold leaf set inside that handcrafted, durable acrylic case!

my keys 2

silver iphone case

Sterling iPhone 6 Case $50 (also comes in iPhone 6 Plus Size) More of a silver girl? Maybe this one’s for you.

casemate glitter champagne iphone case

Sheer Glam iPhone 6 Case $35 (also comes in iPhone 6 Plus size) Glitter coated inlay lends a subtle sparkle to your phone. Like all Case Mate cases, this ultra slim model is handcrafted and built for impact resistance and shock dispersion.

casemate brilliance iphone

Brilliance iPhone 6 Case $80 Handcrafted crystal and leather interlocking case.

diamond brilliance iphone case

Diamond Brilliance iPhone 6 Case $80 Handcrafted crystal and leather interlocking case.

champagne glam iphone case

Champagne Glam iPhone 6 Plus Case $40 A whole lot of glitter and a sturdy protective case.

mother of pearl iphone case

Mother-of-Pearl iPhone 6 Case $80

I used this case last fall and felt like I was carrying around a treasure. It’s genuine mother-of-pearl and believe me when I tell you that it looks even prettier in person! The case adds a bit of weight to the phone, but remember what we’ve said about suffering just a little if you want to look fabulous? Don’t let that deter you if you like what you see. It’s gorgeous!

Here are some less expensive versions by Recover that look beautiful and aren’t as heavy.

recover case 1

Recover Abalone iPhone 6 Case $40

recover case 2

Recover Abalone iPhone 6 Case $40 If you are more of a silver tone girl, this one’s for you.

Pretty! These sturdy cases by Ted Baker look like they’re covered in fine fabric or wallpaper!

ted baker phone

Ted Baker London Dimeto iPhone 6 Case $39.99

ted baker phone 2

Ted Baker London Salso iPhone 6 Case $39.99


With as much as we are linked to one another and the world through our phones, being able to charge the battery while on the go is a MUST! I love that designer Rebecca Minkoff teamed up with Case Mate to create mobile chargers that are both high style and high performance. The best part? They’re small enough to tuck inside your clutch!

rebecca minkoff charger 3

Rebecca Minkoff Case Mate Mobile Charger $78

rebecca minkoff charger

Rebecca Minkoff Case Mate Studded Mobile Charger $78

rebecca minkoff charger 2

Rebecca Minkoff Case Mate Mobile Charger $78

A girlfriend of mine shared with me recently that she’d been admonished by her mother for her cracked iPhone screen. Her mother said, “You wouldn’t drive around town with a broken windshield, so why in the world would you want to show everyone your broken screen?” Amen to that! SuthinGirl needs to get by the Apple store for a teensy screen repair herself. Text me later lovies and let me know how much you adore your new iPhone cover! xx


SuthinGirl iLove my iPhone Playlist


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