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July 12, 2017

The Adventurine Blog Wallis Simpson


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Jewelry (and history and art and world events) lovers, have I got a gift for you: The Adventurine blog and Instagram!

“It has everything!  People!  Drama!  Romance!  Precious stones!  Speculation!  Excitement!  What more could you want?” was the response Harry Winston gave when he was asked by The New Yorker what he liked about the jewelry business in 1954.  We share the sentiments of the late great King of Diamonds exactly.  Our editorial dives into the many areas that make it such a thrill.

We cover breaking Jewelry News as it happens.  Legendary and emerging designers are interviewed in our Profiles Icons and Essentials traces the origin story of some of the most well-known designs of all time and new must-have creations.  Gems are covered in the Rocks My World section.  The stories in the Boutique and Studio Tours have slide shows revealing how designers convey their aesthetics with unique interiors.  The Bridal category covers celebrity engagement rings and the latest engagement ring styles and wedding jewelry looks.  We will also step back and take a look at jewelry in a larger context.  The Culture section includes books, celebrities, jewelry history and Elizabeth Taylor who is Queen of the Adventurine.  The Adventurine is home of the original jewelry movie review because we know that if you follow the jewelry in a film you can often solve the crime or establish a romance before all is revealed in the plot.

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